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1996 and All That!

1996 and All That!

What were you doing in 1996? Were you part of the first Pride Afterparty on Clapham Common? Whether you were or weren’t, here’s a fabulous opportunity to join in the ’96 Festival at the Omnibus in Clapham.  Hannah Williams talks to the curator of the festival Marie McCarthy to get an overview of the music, spoken word and theatrical events she has put together to celebrate the LBTQ community. She also speaks to Dave Spencer, director of the headline show THE SOUL OF WITTGENSTEIN.

Bev Boyd meets Joe Ball, Director of a novel interactive gaming/theatre piece REVOLUTION, which is part of the VAULT Festival at Waterloo.  By splitting the audience into three distinct factions audience members (often friends) are pit against each other to try and take over our digital map of London. This leads to alliances, coalitions, backstabbing, spying and worse, just like regular politicking then.

More of a family story is brought to us at Theatre503 in Battersea.  TRACING GRACE charts the impact on a family when one of the daughters is diagnosed with of encephalitis.  The director and writer Annie Eves, has drawn the story from her own personal experience.  All cast members are graduates of the drama school based in Wandsworth, ALRA and are Wandsworth residents.

Tooting resident, Cathy Galvin normally runs THE WORD FACTORY from Waterstones in Piccadilly.  We’re very lucky that she has decided to run a one-off session called SUFFRAGETTE FLASH at the TARA ARTS THEATRE in Earlsfield. It’s a one day writing workshop 26 May for 20 people followed by performance in the evening. Tickets are on sale shortly, so listen to find out if it’s the workshop for you.

11 million refugees have left Syria.  LITTLE DID I KNOW, showing at Bread & Roses Theatre in Clapham follows one young female refugee who is making her way to England dressed as a boy.  In every country she crosses, she finds two set of rules – one for girls and one for boys.  Hannah Williams speaks to Roman Berry (Director), Doc Andersen- Bloomfield (Playwright) and one of the music composers  Angharad Andersen –Bloomfield and finds out how these real-life stories have made it to the stage.

Battersea based film company CHOCOLATE FILMS screened 10 short documentaries recently at the Royal College of Art.  These documentaries and one animation shown under the banner of SPAN: A HISTORY OF LONDON’S ICONIC HOMES. Beautifully designed with humans in mind, the Q&A at the end allowed us to ask questions of current day residents as well as the film-makers themselves.

Nicholas McInerny, a playwright with a ream of credits for TV, theatre and film behind him lives in Tooting.  His latest play BELLE FONTAINE is soon to shown as part of the VAULT FESTIVAL at Waterloo.  Ian Barclay finds out what lies behind this title about a play set in a religious community.


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February 6th, 2018

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