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From Hidden Heathbrook to the Dash Arts Dacha at the Bedford in Balham…

From Hidden Heathbrook to the Dash Arts Dacha at the Bedford in Balham…

If you missed it our live broadcast from Heathbrook Park, take a look at our Facebook page Reynard the foxwhere we have got some little snippets from a glorious afternoon in the park. Our final live broadcast will be from noon on Saturday 21st May from the Dash Arts Dacha at The Bedford, in Balham.

Sunday 15th May at 6pm, ArtsWatch Replay is a bit of a WAF special with a round-up of so many great appearances during the past fortnight.  It’s the last week of Wandsworth Arts Fringe this week, so do tune in to ArtsWatch Monday – Thursday 6.45pm after the news to catch the last chance of hearing from the performers themselves.

putney libraryDid you know there was a war-time bunker in Putney Library?  People’s Show specialise in site specific promenade shows that uncover the secrets in buildings and facilitate, in this case, Roehampton University students to tell the stories these discoveries inspire. Listen in on Monday’s ArtsWatch to hear more.


Chris meets the Illuminate Festival’s co-founders Sarah and Alice to chat aboutilluminate the 2016 festival which is taking place at the New Wimbledon Studio right now. Chris and the ladies discuss the line-up, the challenges, and the future of the festival seeing theatre in a new light on Tuesday night’s programme.

Dale Neuringer joins Chris to talk about his play In Celebration of Mo, on at the Cat’s Back as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe next week.  We know absolutely nothing about it – but we will know after listening to Wednesday night’s show.

We’ve had Dash Arts in to tell us all about this so on the last ArtsWatch before our last outdoor broadcast, we let them tell us about it again.  Russian food, dance, films, plays and I’m sure they did say vodka.  We will be broadcasting live from their divine Russian palace at the Bedford on Saturday 21st at lunchtime.

On Thursday listen in for a taster.IMG_20160514_165608

May 14th, 2016

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