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From books in Balham to Borscht along the Southbank…

From books in Balham to Borscht along the Southbank…

putney sculpture trailThe Putney Sculpture Trail features a total of nine near life-sized figurative sculptures and is believed to be unique to London. Donated by the sculptor Alan Thornhill, Jim finds out more on Monday night’s show.


So looking forward to Balham Literary Festival this week! balham literary festival collageLocal Balhamite andDulwich  Bookshop owner, Susie Niklin, presents this fantastic event at the Bedford.  Saturday 4th June starts with the Midnight Run and there is a delightful array of events all the way though to Sunday 12th.  Local history, international wildlife, live music…and the Ballad of Balham.  Tuesday night’s show will tell you more.


jackie the musicalThere’s no explaining Jackie magazine.  But Ian will have a go at Jackie The Musical on Wednesday night’s show. Ian’s been to their rehearsals, interviewed the proudcer and finally see the show itself at New Wimbledon Theatre.



They’re puppets.  They’re made of vegetables.  And it’s theatre.  That’s Borscht Theatre company for you.  borschtYes, and all happened at Nine Elms at the Southbank with Bev in the audience and telling us about it on Thursday.


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June 3rd, 2016

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