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6 days to go! Tooting By-Election – Conservative Candidate

6 days to go! Tooting By-Election – Conservative Candidate

Yesterday I wrote about the new Labour candidate Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, well today is the turn of the Tory candidate Dan Watkins. Mr Watkins only came around 2000 votes of the winner Sadiq Khan so a strong contender with a real chance of reaching the post. Dan Watkins is a local entrepreneur having set up a business and becoming a local employer. However does he have what it takes to look after all the needs of the community, health, social services, schools ?

Mr Watkins is championing the controversial Crossrail 2 development. He is keen for the local station to be in Tooting Broadway an area arguably ready for development. His number one area of campaigning is local transport, with improvements to the Northern Line high up his agenda.

Mr Watkins claims too, to have been instrumental in the  ‘Save the Wheatsheaf’ campaign leading to the Tooting Pub’s eventual preservation – though Sadiq made the same claim so quite who can really take the credit is up for debate! Though I suspect local campaigners played the significant part. He also notes up the Trafalgar Arms as another pub he helped bring back from the brink – Dan you do like saving your local drinking holes! 😉

He is  keen supporter of young entrepreneurs and opportunities for young people including tackling the un-affordable housing issues we have in the region, encouraging new homes to be built…

His passions supporting local business whilst his Labour opponent is keen to support local services first and foremost demonstrate a classic Conservative / Labour divide between private enterprise and government services… Where do you sit?

He’s been around a while and is an experienced campaigner – will that be enough? Will the Sadiq Factor tip the balance in favour of Dr Allin-Khan? Interesting one…

The campaign is heating up fast – We’ll have to see who gets out there door knocking… as I think that will make all the difference !

Tomorrows…another day in campaign land  – stay tuned.



June 9th, 2016

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