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7 Day Countdown… The candidates and what they stand for

7 Day Countdown… The candidates and what they stand for

So we are now on the 7 day countdown to the Tooting by-Election – exciting times for our region!

But what do the individual candidates stand for?  Today I’m looking the Labour candidate Dr Rosena Allin-Khan.

She’s got big shoes to fill  – the popular Sadiq Khan, her predecessor will be looking on from his lofty Mayoral office with interest hoping that Dr Rosena will continue his agenda.

So who is Dr Rosena? Well she’s a local girl brought up in Tooting working a a specialist doctor at St. Georges Hospital A&E department. She certainly talks the talk highlighting affordable housing and local health services, unsurprisingly, as her priorities. The sights a “Tory housing crisis” as creating an environment where people are being priced out of the area. Dr Rosena is keen to “Champion” the local NHS services – interestingly with little mention of her opinion of the Junior Doctors Strike – especially given her occupation I should like to know her position… Dr Rosena? Are you reading ? However she is passionate to defend services from, as she puts it “Tory spending cuts” . This sounds like a familiar message, I’m sure Mr Khan is whispering in her ear with advice from arguably the second most powerful position in British politics.

The question is…Does she have the required experience to really attract and champion local business?  Does she have the knowledge to pursue improvements to our transport infrastructure? Will she look at the controversial spending plans of local councils?

Lets keep a close eye on the next few days…

Tomorrow… lets look at Dan Watkins the Conservative candidate… keep tuned 😉


June 8th, 2016

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