An open-top bus, Pride Parade a million strong crowd and a local MP comes out!

An open-top bus, Pride Parade a million strong crowd and a local MP comes out!

 13509150_10154085545031858_4414803949897390243_nA double decker bus full of Wandsworth folk took part in the spectacular Pride in London parade on the day one of the boroughs MP’s Justine Greening came out as gay on Twitter.

Members of the Wandsworth LGBT Forum and volunteers from local radio station Wandsworth Radio had the privileged position of bringing it up the rear as the final vehicle in the parade which was attended by over a million people. 

David Robson, chair of the Wandsworth LGBT forum which works to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people living in Wandsworth said “This year’s Pride in London marked ten years since Wandsworth LGBT Forum first to13494771_10154085544786858_1764977351189505124_nok part in Pride. In 2006 there was only a few of us yesterday, there were almost a hundred. For me thats a real sense of the groups achievements and I’m so grateful to all those who came along to support us. it was the perfect way to end our ten year celebration and prepare for the groups future.“ 

The entire event was broadcast live on Jason Rosam director of Wandsworth Radio said  “What an amazing opportunity for us to celebrate the LGBT community in Wandsworth and our own LGBT volunteers at Wandsworth Radio. We were the only radio station to broadcast live from the parade and thank the Wandsworth LGBT forum for allowing us to do this. ”

London Assembly member Leonie Cooper joined the parade down Regent Street, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. She said “It’s great to see our local community radio station, Wandsworth Radio supporting our local Wandsworth LGBT forum – and a real treat to enjoy Pride from on open-top bus.“

13512084_10154085545281858_4575942891481504468_nMs Cooper also commented on the coming out of International Development Secretary and local MP Justin greening by saying “Good for Justine announcing she’s happy – and good for all of us that we live somewhere where anyone can say this.”

ClzwxotXEAApOgCWandsworth Radio presenter Dean McCullough had the honour to introduce acts such as Alesha Dixon, Jake Qickendon and the cast of West End Musical Kinky Boots on the main stage in Trafalgar Square.

Former MP for Tooting and new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan took the opportunity of appearing on the main stage to reassure Europeans living in London that they are still welcome after Thursday’s vote to leave the EU.

You can listen again to the Pride in London programme on just click on the PRIDE logo.


June 26th, 2016

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