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August ArtsWatch Arty Blog

August ArtsWatch Arty Blog

August is always about Edinburgh, there’s no denying it. And if your annual leave or your bank balance prevents you making the trip, to be honest, there are plenty of previews happening at all of our local venues.

But let’s ensure, those performers choosing to keep the West End and Wandsworth alive during this time, are not over looked.

We are thinking of making Ian our West End correspondent. During this month on August, he’ll be sending us his interviews with cast members from Flashdance, Mama Mia AND Bat Out of Hell. There will just be no talking to him from now on.

We have artists also coming into the studio, Baseless Fabric Theatre make a return visit to the Mike Stead show to bring us in the know about their street production of Cosi Fan Tutte. Down from 3 hours to one, it is free and unticketted.  Look out for them on the streets of Merton and Tooting.


Kids off school but still fancy a bit of culture? Pop over to Greenwich, just 40 minutes away from the heart of Wandsworth and you enter a little treasure trove of time.  You probably do need to book this by now, but take them to visit the Painted Ceiling Old Royal Naval College. It’s an exciting experience to climb your way two stories to be within 8 feet of of this amazing work of art painted between 1707 and 1726. It’s only open while the conservation is underway, and a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Free for under 18s).

TheatreN16 in Balham will be showing “Olympilads” until 26th.  Darren’s convinced he is going to beat Usain Bolt in the Men’s 100m final and…what else?  You’ll have to listen in to find out.

Also on until 26th, Theatre503 is showing a new play over from the States, “Boom”. When you answer a personal ad offering “sex to change the rest of the world”, were you really expecting to find yourself participating in something that would leave the future of the human race in the balance?  No, I didn’t think so.


We love our local authors; they’re around every corner!

Listen in to an interview with Jane Thynne, author of the Clara Vine series.  Her new book “Solitaire” follows the central character, Clara Vine, an Anglo-German actress living in pre-World War Two Berlin, as she becomes friends with the girlfriends and wives of key Nazi names.  What impact did pillow talk and gossip have on the great events of history?

Joe Treasure was inspired to write a book about a dystopian future devoid of all but a few books.  One remaining is Jane Eyre.  But somehow, it has become a mantra, their bible called “The Book of Air.”

We’ve lost the sun for a bit but I’m sure it will be back and you’ll be wishing you’d bought a life-time membership to Tooting Lido. Jenny Landreth has written her book “Swell: An Autobiography” based on some little know history, including how the Sufragettes made use of pools in their campaign and her own experiences of learning to swim.  That’ll be Swimmin’ Women then.


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July 28th, 2017

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