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Hadaway Harry – who he?

Well, he’s a Durham miner who with his brothers, took on the “unbeatable” Thamesmen in 1845 and won the World Rowing Championships at Putney. Rowing was more popular than football at the time – think Leicester City winning the League and he is the subject of new play which will be shown at the London Rowing Club beside the Thames where it all happened, on Friday and Saturday, February 17 & 18.

On Monday, Ian interviews the playwright behind “Hadaway Harry” – Ed Haugh.  Passionate about his subject, Ed reveals some long standing connections with Harry “Hadaway” Clasper and Wandsworth residents of today and how you can help fill in some gaps.

On Tuesday, Chris and Caitlin go and see “Frankenstein” at Greenwich Playhouse.



Hyperrealism comes to Wandsworth via the Plus One Gallery, celebrating its move to Battersea Reach from Pimlico with its first Winter Show in new premises. Listen in on Wednesday as owner Maggie Bollaert shows Bev Boyd some monumental, transcontinental depictions of life which are definitely not as we know it.


Sarah caught up with Wandsworth-born Alex MacKeith whose debut play School Play has just launched at Southwark Playhouse. Set in a south London primary school, the play confronts what it means to be a school teacher in modern-day Britain. Speaking on the day of the play’s opening, Alex tells us about what drove him to put the education system on the stage, his view on the role of theatre in contemporary society and, of course, the best things about Wandsworth. School Play is showing 1st-25th February.


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February 5th, 2017

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