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It’s a win-win for local theatre-goers!

It’s a win-win for local theatre-goers!

Local fringe venues Theatre N16 in Balham and Lost Theatre in Wandsworth Road have made it on to the shortlist of 3 to run the new theatre in Streatham.

Streatham Hill Theatre is expected to open the doors to its 120 seat auditorium in December 2017.  The theatre will be fully fitted out by London Square and let to the selected operator for a peppercorn rent of £1 per year.  With our two local contenders, we can’t lose!

Next week on ArtsWatch…

mayhem tamingOn Monday, we hear from Bev who has been brushing up her Shakespeare with Mayhem Musical Theatre Company’s The Taming of the Shrew in the great outdoors of Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon.  Fed up bickering with your partner, come and see how Shakespeare wrote about it and wonder if anything very much has changed!


Think that opera isn’t for you? ‘Drifting Dragons is a new modern accessible opera inspired by local people’s stories performed on the high streets across Merton. It’s free and unticketed. Still not sure?  Listen in on Tuesday and see if Caitchris can persuade you.



chris-coltrane-2016-web-posterPolitics – it’s a lot of fun at the moment isn’t it? Chris Coltrane thinks so and you can catch his new show “Socialist Fun-times” at the Balham Free Fringe at the Bedford at the end of July. Or you can get a taster in his interview for ArtsWatch on Wednesday.


You know I went to look around the new TARA Arts theatre in Earlsfield a few weeks ago.  You can listen to my second episode about it on Thursday.  Into the auditorium and…down to the ladies’ loos.  And it’s not all as you might expect.20160622_101156




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July 22nd, 2016

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