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It’s arrived… voting tomorrow for the Tooting By-Election. Where will you place your cross?

It’s arrived… voting tomorrow for the Tooting By-Election. Where will you place your cross?

So here we are, it’s finally arrived – after a fantastic debate in Tooting Market that was broadcast live on Wandsworth Radio last Friday evening , with all the main candidates, its time to make your choice… Were you there? Did it sway your decision or cement your thoughts? We covered Brexit, NHS funding, local business, Schooling oh and pollution levels at Tooting Broadway that are above legal levels FYI! – Labour candidate Dr Rosena Allin-Khan mentioned that the pollution levels are appalling and green issues were at the top of her agenda… promoting her children to walk to School – But their little lungs Dr Rosena!

And Dan Watkins, conservative candidate was on fine form explaining that he is firmly IN – you know what I mean right?  Adding that the EU directives on the aforementioned pollution levels are helping the UK have safer air…errr can we not rely on your Tory Government to ensure safe air quality Mr Watkins?

Not forgetting the likeable Lib Dem candidate Alex Glassbrook (though it’s easy to as his campaign PR has been a little thin own the ground) he certainly would be strong local force, the lawyer turned politician seemed to have a strong grasp of the issues and was particularly keen to make the region more attractive to businesses and retailers looking at the high rates charged by councils.

With our ever growing army of estate agents, I for one would like to see the humble independent cafe/bookshops make a comeback. The plethora of  home sellers  is not really the local cottage industry I had in mind.

“I – Alex exclaimed, will be a force for Tooting not because I will work with the council agendas but precisely because I can be a force to fight them”  I paraphrase but that was the message.

Interestingly the UKIP contender (IN or Out? you know … I can’t remember 😉  ) Elizabeth Eirwen Jones – didn’t even stay to the very end – she chipped off early, perhaps to share a much deserved cigarette with Nigel, I got the impression that she got the impression that she didn’t make much of an impression.

Good ‘ol Jeremy is in town too, to support Dr Rosena, the likely winner?! Well alot has changed to Labour since Sadiq took the seat again last year, will the fresh(ish) socialist swing to the party aid her to glory or tip another candidate over the line?

Hmm a lot to mull over with not a lot of time to mull.  Polls open at 7am tomorrow with a result expected early Friday morning.

Stay tuned….







June 15th, 2016

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