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Love, duty, death and dominoes…

On Monday’s ArtsWatch I share  a “not-so-quiet” moment with Patricia Cumper MBE, at the Press night of “Chigger Foot Boys” at Tara Arts Theatre.  She’s the writer behind this moving new play based on the lives of Jamaican soldiers in World War One.  Is that the chink of rum punch you can hear in the background?  Yes it is!


Mike had some guests in to his Saturday morning show and snipped us a little bit for Tuesday night’s ArtsWatch.  “Scripts for Supper”, a theatrical 5 course feast brings us a retelling of Twelfth Night – and it’s coming our way 4th March in Battersea.



Nicola didn’t have to go very far to meet up with Mark Thomas as he is Clapham born-and-bred and currently resident. Over a coffee in a local café she finds out about his show coming to BAC early March, “The Red Shed”. Sounds a bit policitical? Of course it does, but what else?  Listen in on Wednesday to find out.


On Thursday Sarah finds out what fun there is to be had seeing shows under the title Cash, Capitalism and Corporations at Battersea Arts Centre.  She covers two shows – a solo hip-hop piece called “DenMarked” and “Fire in the Machine” set within a 1980s karaoke. That’s the BAC for you – something for everyone!




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February 25th, 2017

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