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Love, people, memories…and Battersea Arts Centre.

Love, people, memories…and Battersea Arts Centre.

The Grand Hall re-opens next year and on Monday’s ArtsWatch, David Jubb the Artistic Director at BAC, tells us how locals and celebrities alike are coming together to celebrate its new era, culminating in an innovative auction at Christie’s in October.

Listen on Tuesday to hear about Moira Buffin’s first play Gabriel.   Its tour starts at Richmond Theatre and Ian grabs an interview with the lead actress, Belinda Lang.  Guernsey under Nazi Occupation is the real life background to the play but not is all as you might expect. 


Commuting, art and the extension to the Northern Line come together in an exhibition called Televox.  Nicola paints the picture for us on Wednesday.


A mother was telling her daughter the plot of The Princess and the Frog – how one kiss from the glamorous Princess turns the frog into a handsome Prince, whom she then marries and they live happily ever after.   “But what if he didn’t want to marry her?” said the daughter, quite reasonably. “What if he preferred being a frog?”  Gordon House tells us on Thursday, how this story inspired him to write a “funny little play” for first time theatre goers at the Colour House Theatre.


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March 25th, 2017

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