Andy Bungay

Andy began his career as a Military Musician in the 80s, with audiences ranging from Charles and Di to kids trying to shove ice creams into his Trombone bell. That was followed a bit later by broadcasting studies at Bournemouth with Jenny Cuffe of BBC Radio 4 and Nick Girdler of BBC Solent. Twin collaborative lives as an eclectically-hired Musician and Composer – orchestras to jazz to indie and film- and a Support Worker/ Coach in Social Care are the basis of what he brings to the table these days. The latter brings daily stories of unsung heroism and humour in the most unlikely situations. Off-duty Andy enjoys movie and gig-going, exploring, and experiments in the kitchen. So the late night session at the weekend will be a bit of an offbeat nocturnal ramble across the newsy, comedic, arty and holistic with some interesting local music , drama and guests. Andy currently lives in South Croydon but commutes into Wandsworth for much of his musicking and now broadcasting.

LOVE WANDSWORTH: It starts from the other side of the river, coming over Battersea Bridge on the 19 bus, reaching civilisation from the wild country of the Ballspond Road.