Ibrahim Steel

Ibrahim Steel

I’m 16 and started as a news reporter with Wandsworth Radio in  2013 and have enjoyed exploring the issues that affect locals, particularly young people and communicating  these to a wider audience.  These have included exploring the raising of school leaving age and featuring Wandsworth Young Person of the Year (who my Mum is still going on about) .

As Science correspondent,  I’m dedicated to all things STEM , or science, technology , engineering and maths. I have explored an outbreak of scarlet fever in local schools and the future shortage of scientists and engineers, among others. In future I’d like to look at different careers in STEM as many young people are unaware of them.

I’m passionate about science communication and Wandsworth Radio is a great way to do this. We are lucky to have world class research at St George’s, our local hospital  (where they are currently filming  24 Hours in A+ E  ) and the new helipad is particularly impressive.

I  also enjoy  creative writing  and  have  been lucky  enough to have won several competitions, the highlight of which was winning the Writing around the World competition and having my story turned into a play by the Polka Theatre when I was 11.

I  also enjoy running, in particular running faster than my brother.

LOVE WANDSWORTH :  I joined Wandsworth Radio because I was born and raised in Wandsworth, and have very fond memories of the area, from the massive parks to cosy libraries.