DJ Dolly Mix – ‘Last Night I Dreamt About…’

DJ Dolly Mix – ‘Last Night I Dreamt About…’
DJ Dolly Mix

I dream a lot! And it’s always about something that I want to know how to do or want to make happen!  How can I put on a festival? How do I become a superstar DJ? How can I start the hottest club night in London? How can I get my voice heard?  If you’re as curious as me, listen to my new show on Riverside Radio, on Saturdays at 7pm.  I’ll be talking to the movers and shakers within our community, giving someone hopefully more than 5 minutes of fame on the mic, in my regular segment ‘5 minutes of…’.  And last but not least, I’ll be playing an eclectic mix of some darn fine tunes to get your Saturday night started, in whichever way you’ve become accustomed to!

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