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The ink’s barely dry as Putney’s Political Cartoon Gallery heralds the countdown to Brexit with a brand new exhibition….listen in Thursday.

On Monday Nicola speaks to the writer, Yolanda Mercy, about her play showing at the Oval House in Kennington.  And then on Tuesday night, she meets Victoria Willing, the writer of “Spring Offensive” which will be on at the Omnibus. It’s set in a B&B on the Somme.  That’s all we know, so you’ll have to listen in!

Grand Hall re-opens next year and on Wednesday’s ArtsWatch, David Jubb the Artistic Director at BAC, tells us how locals and celebrities alike are coming together to celebrate its new era, culminating in an innovative auction at Christie’s in October.

Bev’s been to the opening of Maggie May, a collection of original cartoons by some of the top names in UK cartoonery. Hear owner Tim Benson and local MP-Education Secretary Justine Greening describe how heels and handbags denote a new era in British politics. Never mind the fur cups.  Listen on Thursday.


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April 8th, 2017

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