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There’s more than one Circus coming to our town during Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2017!

There’s more than one Circus coming to our town during Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2017!

Tooting and Hidden Heathbrook are your circus destinations!

Take a look at who were are featuring this week from the Fringe on ArtsWatch as well as other live shows on Wandsworth Radio.

On Monday, Chris finds out about The Performance.  If you’ve ever wondered what silent clowns can do for you, take a listen when Chris meets Iain Gibons ahead of his show at the Cat’s Back.


Hoops & Loops gives us an insight into their immersive cabaret night at the Tooting Tram & Social.  Flora gives us just a few hints about the line-up for this unusual event, including Living Room Circus,  if you tune in on Tuesday night.


Wednesday nights’s ArtsWatch features The Storyteller of Southfields, Hannah Need talking about her show which meld traditional tales, memories and dreams in Life, Death and Dreams Along the Way on at The Alma.


Hikapee is an exciting outdoor circus collective.  They will be appearing during the Hidden Heathbrook weekend (weather permitting, but let’s be positive!) and telling their story of HOME using only their acrobatic skills- try and explain that for radio on Thursday.


We’re not leaving out our live shows during these next packed few weeks, oh no.

On Saturday 6th, you can hear Chocolate Films tell Mike Stead about their great interactive and free family film workshops and Dan Horrigan talks about his new play Still I See My Baby on Rory’s Girl Power show.

Mark Lester joins Elliot on the Sunday Roast – perhaps some songs included along the way.  An orgasmic selection of feminism in the shape of Sisters of Eden join Emily-Rose Adams on Monday.

Transcience are coming on to Carpet Martin’s Wednesday show to mess with his mind – in a good way.  The producers of the Hidden Heathbrook weekend will be taking over Martin Smith’s show on Friday morning, not sure he knows what is going to hit him.  The have a huge amount to talk about having curated the whole outdoor part of the fringe on the weekend of 20 &21 May.

ArtsWatch airs 6.30pm after the news headlines Monday to Thursday . On Sunday 14 May at 6pm, ArtsWatch Replay, re-runs all the best bits from the past 2 weeks.

May 6th, 2017

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