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Think women’s football is a new idea…it was at it’s height of popularity during World War One…

Inspired by the lives of three real female players, “Offside” it follows the women as they face obstacles in pursuit of their love of the beautiful game. Ahead of its launch, Caroline discusses the game’s booming popularity during World War One and why we won’t be seeing any keepie uppies on stage! The play kicks off at Omnibus Clapham on 24 March but listen into Monday night’s show to hear the game plan.

Art on the Northern Line as imagined by artist Emma Smith is the focus of Tuesday night’s ArtsWatch.  Bev meets up with Emma to find out how she has collaborated with neighbours and strangers on the Northern Line Extension route along Nine Elms.

Did you know there is scientific evidence that shows when a group of people come together and sing, their heart beats synchronise with each other? This is just one of the many facets behind Pulse Choir, a brand new community singing group making its debut in April. Ian finds out more on Wednesday night’s show.

La Cage aux Folles at the New Wimbledon Theatre – a little bit of the South of France in South London.  We hear what Chris and Caitlin think of it on Thursday.



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March 10th, 2017

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