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Wandsworth Ladies, Here’s How To Feel Fabulous In Your Workout Wear!

Wandsworth Ladies, Here’s How To Feel Fabulous In Your Workout Wear!

Ladies, if like me your New Years resolution involves a new fitness regime, why not embark on your new found sporting prowess with a spring in your step wearing active attire which gives you the feeling you could conquer even the most daunting of gym equipment.

As a stylist I know that feeling good in what you are wearing has a big impact about how you feel about yourself and your workout wear should make you feel buoyant too.  Having the right clothes and footwear is as much about technical requirements as self-esteem and these days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to where  we buy  these clothes and the styles on the market. 

In Wandsworth there is an abundance of specialist fitness shops we are spoilt for choice and yesterday I chatted on Wandsworth Radio (on Lexie Carducci’s show), about some of my favorite shops and how to wear the clothes they offer in a stylish way.

You’ll notice that the high street brands have got on the bandwagon with stunning selection of workout wear from Debenhams, H&M, Oasis, Top Shop and Primark  – to name few.

Notably details from everyday wear are mirrored in sports wear. A big trend right now is ‘see through’ meshing detail which you’ll also find on sports wear tops and leggings. Another big trend logo t-shirts, and floral and camouflage prints. Pastel grey and pink tones (which are set to trend this SS17) are in abundance too on gym clothing.

When it comes to the style of fitness clothing, for those of us who perhaps have a bit of a mummy tummy, the trend towards all in one skin tight lycra is a look of the past, these days oversized vests on top of stylish sports bras combined with and flattering pattered leggings with clever pleating and stitching details are in abundance and are on point right now.

Here’s just some of my favourite shops where you can buy sports wear round Wandsworth and some images of clothes that some have to offer:

Other stores include Runners Need, Sweaty Betty, Whistles, Primark, Sports Direct, TK Max, Top Shop

So let’s round up some of my ideas about how to feel fabulous in your gym gear…

My top 10 tips on wearing your sports wear 

1 – Print hides lumps and bumps, choose leggings or tops with pattern which can be flattering on areas more conscious about.

2 – Layering lengths of tops can avoid your hips being a focal point, and also gives a casual and cool vibe to a look

3 – Don’t save workout wear just for the gym, sports luxe is a big trend right now and you can team a pair of tracksuit bottoms with a blazer, heels and t-shirt for a spot on ‘high/low’ look. 

4 – Wear shoe or foot socks not ankle socks for  most flattering look with leggings or shorts – it’s feminine to show ankles too as one of the slimmest parts of your body.

5 – Top trend: wear an oversized vest top with inspirational logos over the top of colourful sports bra.

6 – Look for clever darting, shading and detailing in sports wear which flatters the figure.

7 – Create balance with your look so provide symmetry with your body shape – for example if you are a strawberry shape with wider shoulders, wear darker colour on top half of  your body and patterns on legs which evens out your shape.

8 – Beanie hats or baseball caps finish off a look and create a sporty feel to your outfit and cover up bad hair days!

9 – If you are a fan of all black work out clothes, which can be very stylish, consider adding a pop of colour in your sports bag or shoes to lift your look.

10 – Finally, don’t forget to accessorize your work out wear.  A vibrant sports watch or headphones can pull an outfit together and they are functional too.

Finally ,fitness clothes these days range from being functional, MANY are very affordable, but also fun, so enjoy what you are wearing as it can have a big impact on how you feel about yourself when carrying out a fitness regime.

February 4th, 2017

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