Wandsworth Radio Noticeboard – July 16-22

Wandsworth Radio Noticeboard – July 16-22

Hello! Have a look at some of the brilliant stuff coming up on our station this week!

Deshayes’ installation in the Pleasure Garden. (Photo: Eoin Carey)

Monday: Tonight on Artswatch, Kevin Durjun speaks to artist Nicholas Deshayes who has created his first outdoor art installation- some spurting, dribbling and thoroughly engaging sculptures (left) in the middle of Battersea Park’s pleasure gardens. Only from 6:30pm!

– Tuesday: On Tuesday hear Bev’s report from the RCA and the Helen Hamlyn Design Centre as it announces the winners of the Helen Hamlyn Design Awards 2018. You can hear one of the winners, Lewis Hornby and Helen Hamlyn Design Centre director Rama Gheerawo discuss the winning designs and how the awards put inclusivity at the heart of the design process. It’s about Innovation for All – and jelly! Find out more this Tuesday from 6:30pm.

Thursday: ​Imagine a play where you decide what happens next. ‘The Time Capsule’ at the Landor Space in Clapham is such a play. On Thursday’s ArtsWatch, Ian meets the creative team from The Juice Factory to discover how they cope with over a hundred possible permutations of the story! ​​(This, you can hear from 6:30pm and sounds incredibly interesting!)

Dannie-Lu will be on the award-winning ‘Mind Your Business’. (Photo:

– Friday: As part of her month on ‘The Power of Saying No’, Nicolette meets Dannie-Lu Carr, a personal impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist on Mind Your Business from 2pm. Then later that evening Steve will be covering for Tom.  Time to paint the show red, how many songs with “red” in the song title will Steve find? Tune in and find out from 8pm.

Saturday: On Saturday, Steve will feature an hour of SKA music.  From it’s 1960’s start through to the Two Tone record label era, and perhaps something from the third revival, if he can find it. All this and more on the Retro Chart Show from 8pm.

– Sunday: Finally, do you like gin? Rob Blackwood does, so much so that he has built a show around it! On Sunday’s Barclay’s Brunch at 11am, Rob joins Ian in the studio to talk about ‘The Gin Chronicles’ – a vintage radio-style comedy – which he is taking to the Edinburgh Fringe with the London Misfits.

July 16th, 2018

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