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Weed burgers and unicorn cupcakes at Vegfest London

It’s a hugely exciting and innovative time for vegan food.  The place to see all this deliciousness under one roof is Veg Fest, a huge completely vegan trade show which drew 14,000 attendees at Kensington Olympia last weekend.  Wandsworth Radio presenter, Tatum de Roeck, a passionate vegan herself, was amongst them.  Here’s what she said:      

Vegans often get asked “but what on earth do you eat?” – on Veg Fest days the answer is “too much!”  There was alcoholic raw chocolate, colourful unicorn cupcakes, filling kebab wraps, healthy Dutch Weed burgers, garlic cream cheese, cashew camembert and caramel marshmallows.  Far from being a restrictive way of eating Veg Fest proves there are no limits when it comes to how much diversity and variety is in plant-based cuisine.
There also were stalls filled with belts made with recycled car tires, environmentally friendly cleaning products and bamboo toothbrushes.  There were boots that looked just like leather, chic bags, glitter filled candles and cruelty free beauty products.

It wasn’t all food and shopping though.  The show offered a full range of talks and presentations.  Some of the offerings included a panel discussion filled with vegan athletes, a celebrity vegan quiz, an vegan lifestyle award ceremony, a talk on how to start a vegan market and jam-packed cooking demonstrations.

And if you missed Veg Fest but would like to get in on this celebration of a kinder life style, we have several vegan businesses  right on our doorstep.  Without Cafe is outside Clapham Junction station, fantastic vegan Sunday lunches at Cafe Van Gogh in North Brixton, PickyWops Italian pizzeria in Fulham (let me just say stuffed crust with almond ricotta), the most amazing sweet treats at Ms Cupcake in Brixton and the incredible non-profit Sound Lounge, which combines an art space and a vegan kitchen right here in Tooting.

Amazing grazing!
If you want to get closer to the action, listen to Tatum’s interviews with new carnivorous friends, who were exploring vegan alternatives.
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October 27th, 2017

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