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Bored with the Bard?

undead-bardWhat on earth connects Shakespeare, the Clangers and the 1980s cartoon series ‘Thundercats’? You’ll have to see ‘Undead Bard’ at Theatre N16 for the answer. On Monday’s programme, Ian finds out more from the man behind the inspired lunacy, Robert Crighton.



Stop to look up at the sky! That’s the advice we’ve received from artist Rosalind Borkowska.  The artistic beauty of rosalind-borkowska-art-exhibition-at-putney-arts-theatrenature both at home and abroad is on display now at Putney Arts Theatre and Jean went along for a guided visit craig-revel-horwood-pic-sister-actwith Rosalind Borkowska.  Tune in on Tuesday to enjoy a break from all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives lived mostly away from our natural environment.



On Wednesday’s show, Juliet brings us an interview from Theatre Ad Infinitum who are appearing at Battersea Arts Centre with their show “Light”. She finds out how the show was inspired by Edward Snowden’s revelations and state revelations.

Didn’t you know that “Sister Act” would be coming to the New Wimbledon Theatre? Well the director and craig-revel-horwood-pic-sister-actchoreographer of the show, Craig Revel Horwood told Ian all about it a couple of weeks ago. It’s so good, we thought we’d air it again on Thursday night.




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October 7th, 2016

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