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Art Night takeover nearby in Nine Elms…

Art Night takeover nearby in Nine Elms…

Transforming the city for one unforgettable night, Art Night this year starts locally for us in Nine Elms. It’s a bit leading edge, a touch “out there” but have no fear of that because it’s free!  Just to give you a flavour, Ben Judd will present an installation right here in the rooftop gardens of the Doddington Estate (just over Wandsworth Radio’s studios!). You can inhabit five reusable domes, eat a meal from locally-sourced ingredients and join in the discussion about community and urban landscape. Dori Deng and Meta Drcar will present live performance within a sculptural installation at the Nine Elms Pavillion by Riverside Walk. So much going on right under our feet, take a look here

Kevin visits a brand new arts venue in the heart of Streatham and is blown away by its community spirit. Interested in learning more about the people and the place? You can hear all about it when you listen in to his report from the Streatham Space Project.They also have a fundraising night coming up feature Jim Carter, Imelda Staunton and Jamael Westman (yes him! The lead in Hamilton!)

From a living sculpture that cleans the air, to tasty treats that combat dehydration in dementia patients, The Royal College of Art (RCA) has announced the winners of the Helen Hamlyn Awards 2018. The annual awards, organised by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, recognises the best RCA graduate projects dedicated to developing inclusive design solutions to improve people’s lives. Bev interviews the creator behind Jelly Drops – super-hydrating treats presented in an easy-to-eat “chocolate box” format that excites patients and encourages them to independently feed themselves throughout the day.  Lewis Hornby is the winner of The Snowdon Award for Disability.

The Diana Tapes presents the true story of one of the greatest media scandals in British history – the publication of Andrew Morton’s book about Diana, Princess of Wales, which ended her marriage and shook the monarchy to its core. Lesley speaks to the writer of this fascinating show, James Clements, which is on at the Stockwell playhouse. It’s had great reviews in America, how as this young Scottish writer made sense of tapes, notes and biographies to tell a story that we think we already know.


More tales from the river front.  The Heritage Trail will take you on a journey around Circus West Village, the first phase of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment. Journalist and broadcaster Jonathan Freedland will be your guide through the Power Station’s history through the ages. The trail is an audio-led experience, with transcripts and images at each location you’ll visit triggered by GPS. You can experience it on location, or you canlisten from home if you’d prefer. Hear more about the app by listening to Harriet’s report on it.

Moses a community theatre musical is on 6th and 7th July, what does it take to get a project like this off the ground? Michelle speaks to Asi Munisi, our very own Wandsworth Radio presenter and Director of this show to find out.


RADiate is a project which specialises in providing subsidised dance classes to children with complex learning needs in local schools.  Fun-filled sessions aim to develop a child’s personal strengths, boost self-esteem, and encourage relaxation and fun. A fim has been made about this project the Royal Academy of Dance so Lesley thought she’d go along to the screening and talk to parents and particpants on the programme about the difference this has made to their lives.


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June 29th, 2018

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