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Celebrating First Females and a Phoenix From the Flames…

Celebrating First Females and a Phoenix From the Flames…

Anita Corbin grew up in Putney and was a graduate of the Royal College of Art, so when she was considering where best to exhibit her latest work “100 First Women”, where else would she turn to? She’s worked for 10 years to bring this project to its conclusion, and a fine one it is.  One hundred women who are first in their field, some famous and some not so.  One of her subjects is a Battersea resident, Jill Pay and she is the first female Sergeant at Arms in the House of Commons. A 600 year tradition she broke in one fell swoop.The exhibit is open until 22nd August and Anita will be there everyday to tell you all about it.  It’s unique, it’s free and it’s on our doorstep. Visit Anita’s celebration of Britain’s modern female pioneers.


In March 2015 the dismal sight of the Battersea Arts Centre’s Grand Hall’s blackened ruins made nationwide headlines.  People from all walks of life sent messages of support, contributed their memories of the place and of course donated money.  It’s not just a performance space, it’s also a venue where many have tied the knot, a place where young people have developed their creative skill, and older people have learned to ballroom dance.  We were delighted to be invited to the party celebrating the unveiling of the Grand Hall in all its high-tech/fire- distressed glory – shabby chic this is not! Bookings are open for the Phoenix Season with many £1 performances for local residents. Loved. Lost. Reborn.


ArtsWatch in Edinburgh

We’ll be heading up to Edinburgh mid-August, no doubt a few of you will as well.  We’re catching some previews here in Wandsworth, and we’ll give you some hints about what to look out for when you’re up there.


ArtsWatch airs Monday, Tuesday and Thursday just after the 6.30pm headlines.  This is just a little taster of this month’s schedule for arts and culture news in Wandsworth and neighbouring boroughs.

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July 19th, 2018

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