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“Come in.  Sit Down.  Explore.”

“Come in. Sit Down. Explore.”

This is Seth Kriebel’s invitation to join him in “A House Repeated” at Battersea Arts Centre. 

If you have ever wanted to explore the nooks and crannies of this beloved venue…you can do it now, without leaving your theatre seat.  In traverse, the audience become team players, hanging on Seth’s words, to wring out each tiny hint, every hidden nuance in his invitation to play the next move.  Just when perhaps you think you’ve seen a glimmer of hope in the riddle, the game switches to the opposite team.  Will they get it before you do?  Or should both teams be playing together?  This is immersive theatre for a gaming generation.  Go and play while it is on at BAC –  you’ll “have strong sense of being watched”….and have a lot of fun.  It’s on until 29th October so don’t hang around.  Book your ticket!

On Monday, listen into my interview with Jay Taylor, a well-known actor and now debut playwright.  His show “The Acedian Pirates” is on at Theatre503 until 19 November. jay-taylor-acedian-pirates What are the challenges of hopping across from acting to writing…and what does the title mean?





We love talking to Americans in the UK at the moment. Their hollow eyes and ashen faces say it all.  Still, for a more trumped-exhibition-at-political-cartoon-gallery-putneycolourful review of the big players, listen in on Tuesday when Jean brings her report from Putney’s Political Cartoon Gallery and their current exhibiton “Trumped”.




An award-winning romantic comedy by Madhuri Shekar comes to TheatreN16 from 6 November.  lovewarcraft-theatren16On Wednesday, I meet What A Nice Production Company to find out why they chose to stage “In Love & Warcraft” here and get assurances that we don’t have to be into Warcraft (or even know what it is – phew!) to enjoy a story about human relationships.



TARA Arts Theatres’s next show is “Hamlet”.  An all-black cast present Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy and explores what can turn a good kid bad. Tazlima has been down to TARA to interview the director Jeffery Kissoon and black-hamlet-tarawe can hear her report on Thursday.





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October 22nd, 2016

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