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What 3 little words mean the same to all of us?

What 3 little words mean the same to all of us?

“Ross and Rachel”.


ross&rachle friendsJames Fritz used to work behind the bar at the Battersea Arts Centre. He returns next week as celebrated writer of “Ross & Rachel”, a hit play of Edinburgh Festival 2015, now on tour and showing at the BAC 21-25 June.  And he’s on attachment to the National Theatre this year too.  Where did it all go wrong and why did the Friends prove an unlikely inspiration for his latest play? Hear what’s he got to say on Monday’s show.



She goes by the name Danielle Ate the Sandwich and she flew into Balham en route to the Grand Northern danielle ate the sandwichUkulele Festival.  Danielle is a singer-songwriter from Colorado who has a “whole body” approach to playing – and she’s big into audience participation too.  Bev went to hear her in action with the Balham Ukulele Society in Tuesday’s show.



balham literary festival collageOn Wednesday we trot down to the Balham Literary Festival and join the Midnight Runners who were about to set off on a literary writing workshop on foot from Balham to Brixton…not everybody had listened to the advice about sturdy footwear.



Are you one for a show tune? Leah went along to the Rookery in Streatham Common to find out what local sisters rookerySarah and Alice Redmond, who form the West End Singers, are planning for their two nights of shows “Theatre Nights at the Rookery”.   Tune in on Thursday.


If you missed any shows over the past 2 weeks, you can catch up this Sunday (10th June) at 6pm in our hour long round-up show ArtsWatch Replay. In the week, ArtsWatch is on Monday to Thursday at 6.45pm after the news.

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June 11th, 2016

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