George Talbot

Having worked on radio in Ireland for a number of years I decided to spread my wings and applied for a number of positions here in London.Not being known here,I accepted the first position offered which was as a travel announcer on LBC. As I was working for an agency, I also ended up being heard on BBC Cambridge, Suffolk and Norfolk and others before leaving to join CTR in Kent where among other things,I presented the breakfast show.

When I first arrived in London,I had taken the first flat I seen on Nightingale Lane in Wandsworth. It was a basement garden flat with 2 sets of tall patio doors leading up some steps to a large private walled garden with a huge willow tree at the bottom and with Clapham South and Common a short walk away, I was very happy there, but when the landlord decided to sell the whole property, I bought my own house just off Trinity Road.

Getting up at 03.30 every day to drive to Folkestone took its toll and after a year I took a well earned rest for a month. It was during this break I decided,after many years in radio, to follow my other passion which was photography and started working for a London Studio and also went back to College as a mature student to resume my studies for a law degree. I still dabbled in radio doing the odd voiceover but soon I was so busy in the photo studio, I dropped my college once again and worked there full time eventually opening my own studio.

I was enjoying living in Wandsworth,with its green spaces and low council tax,with Earlsfield station a walk away and close to the common as well. I enjoyed the variety of shops and restaurants and the community spirit of the people here so when a slightly larger house became available just 7 doors away from where I lived on the same street, I moved…yes! Just 7 doors away!

I have now been living in Wandsworth since 1989 and have seen the population growing and the services improving. The Arndale once a sad excuse for a shopping centre, has now become Southside a busy bustling place with cinemas and restaurants and something for everyone there and its still growing.

Living in Wandsworth I have no need to ever go into “town” to shop, with Clapham Junction, Tooting High St, Southside shopping centre and many others all offering shopping for everyones needs. It is no surprise that many radio and tv personalities have chosen Wandsworth as a home and I am so happy that I did too all those years ago.

I am now going back to my former profession on the radio, but this time as a volunteer. I’ve got so much from Wandsworth over the years and I feel its now time to give Wandsworth something back.