Joey Richie

Club DJ Joey was born in Waterloo in the year….Mind your own business!! Whilst at secondary school he had a Saturday job which meant he could fund his passion for music, radio and djing. He managed to save up for a pair of second hand turntables and that’s where it all began. He would spend hours locked away in his bedroom practicing and trying to perfect the art of mixing vinyl records. Joey is also a dancer and in his younger days worked in many nightclubs/venues as a stage/podium dancer. This was a great opportunity for him to meet DJ’s who would give him a few tips & pointers about mixing on the decks & other aspects of the job. Sadly,the life of a dancer has an age limit before the work simply stops coming in so he turned to acting where he played roles in many TV and film projects including EastEnders.

One of Joey’s longest DJ residencies was 11 years at the famous “Jongleurs Comedy Club” where he worked with some of UK’s best known and loved comedians. Joey’s radio career began on pirate radio many moons ago and has since gone on to present his own Drivetime & Breakfast shows on many established radio stations.  Joey still DJ’s on the club circuit playing mainly Dance/House music but isn’t afraid to play other styles to suit different venues.

LOVE WANDSWORTH: It contains the word “Wand” which sums up my view of Wandsworth….MAGICAL!!! Cheesy or what.