Yusuf Steel

Yusuf Steel

I’m Yusuf Steel and I was the youngest news reporter on Wandsworth Radio when it started.

I’m now 14 and still a youth correspondent  and have covered contentions such as  politicians allegedly chasing the grey vote over the youth vote . I’m also interested in  a wide range of local issues that abound in the vast and varied borough of  Wandsworth. A memorable and moving feature for me was interviewing  people at the new Wandsworth Food Bank.

I enjoy writing, art, debating and Wandsworth Radio allows me to combine  these. Researching local issues, meeting some amazing volunteers, collaborating with a team, crafting a real ‘ story ‘ and editing, all to meet a tight news deadline has been a fantastic and unique experience.  (I think it’s called work).

I am a poet in progress, the pinnacle so far was winning a national competition aged 8 and discovering that Michael Rosen really did look like that.

LOVE WANDSWORTH:  I joined Wandsworth Radio to get in touch with the community and obtain a wider outlook on the entirety of Wandsworth and  all its issues and intricacies, not just the areas I know best. There’s something for everyone here.