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Shakespeare walks into a bar, the bartender says “You can’t drink here, you’re bard!”

Shakespeare walks into a bar, the bartender says “You can’t drink here, you’re bard!”

The “Holy Grail of book collections” sold for £2.4million last week at Christies to an anonymous American bidder.  Kenneth Branagh’s production of Romeo and Juliet also opened last week; all espresso and Italian trantrums.  It’s party year for Shakespeare.  But no Shakespeare going on in Wandsworth. None. Nada. Niente.  Or is there? Let me know…

Lots of modern stuff to turn out attention to, this is what next week looks like:

Sunday at 6pm we have our ArtsWatch Replay show that rounds up the previous fortnight so tune it then to catch up with it all.  ArtsWatch week starts on Tuesday and it looks like this:

She goes by the name of Danielle Ate the Sandwich, and she flew in to Balham last weekend danielle ate the sandwichen route to the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. Danielle is a singer-songwriter from Colorado who runs workshops with a whole-body approach to uke playing. She’s big on audience participation too. Bev Boyd went to hear her in action with Balham Ukulele Society. It’s no idle four string strum on Tuesday night’s programme.


borschtYou thought Chelsea was just about the flowers? Drop in to the fringe with Bev Boyd on Wednesday night’s programme at Borscht Theatre Company’s performance of The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol. Star of the show is an aubergine and the leading lady is a beetroot. Performed from a suitcase at the Ragged Canteen in Vauxhall’s Beaconsfield Gallery by puppets you can peel.


An exhibition opens this week entitled Blueprint for Living.  It centres on a housing estate blueprint for living london festival of architecturein South West London, built by Sir John Leslie Martin, principal architect of the Royal Festival Hall.  This year the estate celebrates it’s 60th anniversary and to commemorate this there will be an exhibition on site.  Thursday’s ArtsWatch will bring it all to life.


ArtsWatch broadcasts 6.45pm Tuesday to Thursday this week.  If you have anything you would like covered, do drop me a line

May 28th, 2016

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