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The Ceiling Tour –  a once in a life time opportunity…

The Ceiling Tour – a once in a life time opportunity…

…to be within touching distance of what has been called “the UK’s Sistine Chapel”.  On Monday you can listen into our visit to Ceiling Tour at the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.  The restoration scaffolding has made it possible for members of the public to get up close and personal with an amazing piece of baroque art, normally only observed from the floor, 100 feet away.

On Tuesday, Damien meets the Frisby’s, a folksy South London based band formed around the Frisby twins.  He chatted to them about their upcoming gig at the Bedford in Balham on Tuesday 4th April as well as the creation of their new album.


Wednesday’s show brings us an interview with the three actors of the show Escape the Scaffold at Theatre503.  Mad, bad or just romantic?  A play to start discussion and dispute – even amongst the cast themselves.

Grand Hall re-opens next year and on Thursday’s ArtsWatch, David Jubb the Artistic Director at BAC, tells us how locals and celebrities alike are coming together to celebrate its new era, culminating in an innovative auction at Christie’s in October.


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March 31st, 2017

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