Riverside Radio values the people who choose to spend their time with us making great radio programmes for local people.

The volunteers ARE the radio station and we want to develop everyone so they can reach their full potential as a volunteer broadcaster.

Each Riverside Radio volunteer receives basic training before going on air.

Depending on what area of the radio station you want to work in these are just some of the skills you will learn…..

Presentation Team 

  • On-air basics, including voice and structure
  • How to use the studio equipment
  • What you can and can’t say on air
  • How to develop your personality on-air
  • Interview skills

News Team 

  • How to identify potential radio news stories and research
  • How to plan, carry out, record and edit interviews for radio
  • Write radio news scripts, edit audio and voice news stories
  • How to prepare, write and present a news bulletin

Production Team

  • Working with our playout software
  • Creating audio projects such as commercials
  • Learning to direct talent and get the best out of them