Last night, twelve young people from our radio club proudly received their NCFE and Arts Awards certificates, marking the successful completion of their radio course at Riverside Radio. The certificate ceremony was a momentous occasion, held at the stunning Lift 109, the Battersea Power Station chimney lift experience.

The event was attended by Battersea MP Marsha DeCordova, who handed out the certificates alongside the CEO of the charity Sound Vision, which generously funds the radio club. The course facilitator, Fayon Dixon, and Managing Director of Riverside Radio, Jason Rosam, were also present to celebrate the young achievers.

This is the second cohort of young people, affectionately known as 'The Riversiders', to complete the course at Riverside Radio. Designed as a complement to formal education for secondary school students, the course offers an enriching experience that is accessible to young people of all abilities and backgrounds, thanks to the support and funding from the Sound Vision charity.

Through this programme, participants not only earn nationally recognised qualifications such as the NCFE and Arts Award  but also gain a host of invaluable skills. Working in teams, they develop collaboration skills, enhance their time management through deadline-based projects, and improve their communication competency. These experiences not only enhance their educational and employment prospects but also significantly boost their mental health and wellbeing.

The radio club's primary goal is to help young people build self-belief and advance towards their future career goals. As Managing Director Jason Rosam expressed, "I am so proud of our 'Riversiders' and want to thank local MP Marsha DeCordova for taking time out of her busy schedule to present the certificates to our young people. This work, which benefits our community immensely, would not be possible without her support. The radio club is the best initiative we run as a community radio station, changing young lives and equipping them with confidence and skills for a future career in media or any other field. I also want to extend my gratitude to Battersea Power Station and the team at Lift 109 for hosting the event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience at the top of the chimney."

The success of 'The Riversiders' and the programme at Riverside Radio stands as a testament to the power of community support and the incredible potential of our young people. With ongoing support, we look forward to many more cohorts of 'Riversiders' achieving their dreams and making a positive impact on the world.