Christmas 2023 on Riverside Radio

'Tis the season to be jolly, and Riverside Radio is ready to sprinkle some festive cheer with an exciting Christmas schedule. From our dazzling pantomime performance to carol sing-alongs, riveting arts reviews, and a sports extravaganza, we've got it all wrapped up for you.

Pantomime: Robin Hood and His Merry People

This year, Riverside Radio is thrilled to present a spectacular pantomime that will transport you to the enchanting world of Sherwood Forest. Join our talented presenters as they take the stage in the 2023 production of "Robin Hood and His Merry People."

Carols in the Square: A Melody of Festive Joy

Step into the heart of Battersea Square and join us for some Christmas Carols. Riverside Radio invites you to sing along to your favorite festive tunes listneing to the recording of the event.

Arts Watch: Unveiling the Best of 2023 in South West London

The Arts Watch team has been busy uncovering the most captivating arts and culture stories across South West London throughout 2023. Join us as we revisit the biggest theatre performances and other events that defined the year.

Riverside Radio Sports Team: Bumper Review of the Year

The Riverside Radio sports team is gearing up for a grand year-end review. Relive the highs, lows, and everything in between as we recap the most memorable moments in the world of sports for 2023. Whether you're a football fanatic, a tennis aficionado, or a lover of all things athletic, our comprehensive review will have you on the edge of your seat.

Riverside Radio's Christmas schedule is the perfect blend of entertainment, community, and celebration. Tune in, participate, and let us be your festive companion throughout the festive season. Unwrap the magic with us, and make this Christmas a memory to cherish forever!


Robin Hood and His Merry People

20th December - 2pm and 8pm

21st December - 10am, 1pm and 6pm

23rd December - 11am

Christmas Eve - 1pm and 4pm

Christmas Day - 11am and 6pm

Boxing Day - 12pm and 7pm

27th December - 11am, 3pm and 8pm

28th December - 12pm and 6pm

29th December - 10am and 2pm

30th December - 11am and 6pm

New Years Eve - 10am and 5pm

New Years Day - 11am and 6pm

Carols in the Square

20th December - 3pm  

21st December - 12pm and 8pm

22nd December - 6pm

23rd December - 1pm

Christmas Eve - 12pm and 3pm

Christmas Day - 12pm, 3pm and 7pm

Boxing Day - 10am, 2pm and 6pm

ArtsWatch Review of 2023

21st December - 11am and 3pm

23rd December - 12pm and 6pm

Christmas Eve - 11am and 5pm

Christmas Day - 10am and 9pm

Boxing Day - 11am and 8pm

27th December - 1pm

29th December - 11am and 3pm

30th December - 12pm

New Years Eve - 3pm

New Years Day - 10am and 2pm

Sports Review of 2023

23rd December - 3pm

Christmas Eve - 2pm

Christmas Day - 2pm and 10pm

Boxing Day - 3pm and 9pm

27th December - 12pm and 6pm

28th December - 3pm

29th December - 12pm and 6pm

30th December - 3pm

New Years Eve - 4pm

New Years Day - 1pm