Pupils studying at Riverside Radio awarded certificates

The Labour MP for Battersea met twelve students and awarded them with a nationally recognised certificate in radio, following their successful completion of a new course with local community station Riverside Radio.

Left to Right - Top: Esrom Mikiele (14), Jevan Newman (15), Dom Chambers (Sound Vison CEO), Nathaniel Donkah (16)
Middle: Emilia Pyka (17), Neriya Donkah (14), Jason Rosam (Riverside Radio Founder and Managing Director)
Bottom: Arthur Imankerdjo Lambert (12), Jude Sheriff (13), Leemar Sheriff (15), Barb Kostina (16), Marsha De Cordova MP, Peter Hantar (16), Fayon Dixon (Education Director, Riverside Radio)

The first intake of students who all attend St John Bosco College in Battersea undertook two weekly sessions over the last year learning how to create radio programmes, in order to achieve their Level 1 certificate in radio from national Awarding Organisation NCFE.

Marsha De Cordova alongside Riverside Radio founder and station manager Jason Rosam and Education Director Fayon Dixon congratulated the young people at the certificate ceremony at The Royal Victoria Patriotic Building in Wandsworth Common.

During the course students learnt how to record, edit and produce audio for radio, develop and use radio presentation and news research skills and explore opportunities for employment in the radio industry as well as preparing and producing their own Saturday morning radio programme which they called The Riversiders.

15 year old Zachary Maclou-Calvert said

"Riverside Radio is an experience I will value for years to come. Not only did it supply me with transferable skills, but it also provided me with insight into the industry of media and broadcasting that I otherwise would never have known. I learnt through the many sessions the ins and outs of the studio desk and what really goes on behind the scenes. I was able to record and edit my own audio."

Arthur Imankerdjo Lambert, 12, says “I learnt so much, including building my confidence and talking live on air. Before the courts I could not have seen myself being comfortable in a radio studio the way I so easily do now. I have created strong friendships and I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity I have been given.”

Arthur Imankerdjo Lambert (12)

15 year old Leemar Sheriff, “Attending Riverside Radio was a blast. We learnt how to go live on radio, and completely improved our public speaking skills. It gave a great boost of confidence as well. When listening to the radio, due to the course, I can easily understand what’s going on behind the scenes. It was a very unique opportunity, met some amazing people and learnt from their expertise. Overall, it was a great experience.”

Leemar’s brother 13 year old Jude Sheriff also completed the course, saying

" I had an amazing and enjoyable experience of being at Riverside Radio. I mostly enjoyed the outside broadcasts and being on stage as I got to interact with a huge crowd and see their immediate reaction. Now, whenever I am in the car, I can visualise the hard work that is going on behind the broadcast. Also I liked talking on the radio and doing the research behind it. It was very fun."
Jude Sheriff (13)

A number of radio professionals came into the Riverside Radio studios in Battersea Park Road to meet the students and explain how their careers have developed in the media including BBC Radio 1 presenter Mary Mandefield and Times Radio host Darryl Morris.

The course was funded by education charity Sound Vision. Its CEO Dom Chambers said

“Working with Riverside has been a fantastic collaboration. The stations approach to training is exactly what Sound Vision is all about, a warm spirited welcome nurturing young people’s creativity in a safe space of skills based learning. I met the students early into the course and kept in close touch. It has been fantastic to see how they have developed both their confidence and their voice. They have much to say that is inspiring as we found when they spoke at the national Community Media Festival in May. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was for me to recognise the achievements of the young people by giving them their certificates.”

Riverside Radio has just begun training another intake of students from a number of other local schools as well as continuing to provide a radio show and learning environment for the original students to continue broadcasting.

If you have young person interested in learning media and broadcast skills in a live radio station environment please contact